The discoveries of Eurosonic 2018

Yes, we’ve only just gotten over yet another unforgettable Eurosonic in Groningen. Yes, we’ve written down our five most memorable concert experiences, especially for you. And yes, some names are also soon to be seen in AB. Yippee!

Astrid De sterck (Assistent ProMOTER)

Altin Gün (NL/TR)

“Dutch-Turkish ‘70s psychedelica.”

Soon to be seen at BRDCST. Buy your tickets here.


Lomboy (BE)

“Brussels’ Lomboy has us thinking of the electronic lounge music of the ’90s with the tenderness of Portishead."


Roméo Elvis (BE)

“The King of the Brussels hip-hop scene!”


Ace Tee (DE)

“A promising rapper from Hamburg who knows how to translate her inspiration from classics like Kelis, J Dilla, A Tribe Called Quest into her own German rap style. "


Tshegue (FR)

“Tribal with epileptic rhythms and a raw, soulful voice!”


Joke Daniëls (Assistent PROMOTER)

Black Snake Moan (IT)

“Hypnotic, psychedelic shamanist one man band. With beard.”  


WWWater (BE)

“Playful and impressive under a wonderful starry sky.”



“Old Skool Danish death metal. Lots of grunts and flying hair, good stuff!” 


Surma (PT)

“Portuguese lady with an abstract voice à la Joanna Newsom and a portion of electronic trippy music edged with a trim of post-rock.”


Agar Agar (FR)

“Catchy electronica and poppy sound. A bit hipster, but good all the same.”


Eva Nowe (Communications Officer)

Tshegue (FR)

“Just try standing still to Tshegue’s in your face afro-punk. Don’t try too hard though, or explosive frontwoman Faty Sy Savanet will come storming into the audience to dance you off your feet.”


Meister Jaan (EST)

“Trippy, trippier, trippiest, Meister Jaan. In that order. Wonderfully unconventional ‘semi-electronic music creating a joik-techno bridge between the ancient and modern world’. Meister Jaan is one of those artists that you just have to have seen live at least once in your life. Or, at the very least, in a YouTube video.”


Daniel Brandt & Eternal Something (DE)

“One minute Der AA-Kerk has you bathing in stunningly beautiful, gentle despair… the next minute you feel a hard euphoria streaming through your body. From a disarming, dark trip to carefree, danceable excesses: in a stunning setting, we experienced one of the most intense moments of Eurosonic ’18.”


WWWater (BE)

“Super-tight, extraordinary, brutal and exceptionally genius? WWWater. We willingly allow ourselves to drown in it. Every time anew.”


Roméo Elvis (BE)

“The hottest voice of the moment + tongue-in-cheek raps + effortless stage fury = the phenomenon that is called Roméo Elvis. An uncomplicated whirlwind. A stayer.”

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