The big AB Easter competition

The smell of daffodils, freshly baked Easter bread, delicious chocolate and... rabbit droppings?
Oh yes, it’s Easter again and this time it is not only the good children who are looking forward to a hefty reward after an intense search. A number of Easter bunnies have hidden themselves in AB and it’s up to you to track them down.
How many Easter bunnies are there in AB? You'll find the Easter bunnies HERE (through a virtual promenade). Answer below! 

The winner will receive a concert voucher worth €50.

Don't forget, you can still support our teams cycling against cancer. To get into the Easter vibe, and to support a good cause, you can buy super-delicious Easter eggs (€5) in AB café or at the reception. We also sell tasty hotdogs (3,5€) at the Bazart concerts. All money raised goes straight to the 1000 km voor Kom op tegen Kanker.

Or... sponsor the AB Café teams by depositing money in the urns on the bars at AB, by making a contribution of your choosing when ordering a ticket online, by purchasing a bottle of Rosé De Vlaeminck in the AB Café (€10), by leaving your cup deposit for the campaign, by depositing online via this page or via bank transfer to the account of Kom op tegen Kanker: BE14 7331 9999 9983 of 733-1999999-83 with the message ‘GIFT’ and our team’s code: 170 003 485.

A big fat wholehearted thank you, enjoy and cheers!


How many Easter bunnies does AB hide?

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