Sign for the climate, sign for our future

Sign for my future is a non-political campaign that, with the May elections in mind, is asking the next government to ensure ambitious policy to make Belgium climate-neutral before 2050.

Unique to this campaign is that it is borne by a very broad group of companies, unions, media, cultural institutions and individuals.  It is a positive campaign that is proving that there is general support for strong climate policy in this country.  That such broad support exists has been made more than evident over the past few months: By the climate march many of you took part in, in December, and, in recent weeks, the heartwarming campaigns by students.  With her impressive Ted Talk, Swedish student Greta Thunberg challenges us all to hurry up and take action.

AB’s support for this project is a 100% fit with our sustainability efforts.  AB has managed to seriously reduce its energy consumption in recent years and to get many visitors out of their cars and onto public transport. By switching from PET bottles to a ‘post-mix’ system for soft drinks, we prevent the production of a hundred thousand plastic bottles and them ending up in the environment.  Our campaigns around sustainability have had an impact on the entire cultural sector.

On the website of Sign for my future  you will find the concrete goals of the campaign. Support the campaign HERE

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