Relive 8 days of dEUS!

Unique, a piece of history, a record.

No matter what name you want to put on the Rewind concert series from dEUS, everyone agrees: It was huge. 8 sold-out concerts, + 16,000 dEUS fans and 20 hours of concert.

AB organized the big "Oh my dEUS" competition. The winner was designated the biggest fan of dEUS and was welcomed with open arms with her favourite +1. This is her story.

“Elected as the biggest fan of dEUS through the “Oh My dEUS ”competition, I have lived two unforgettable days thanks to Ancienne Belgique.

After we visited the recently revealed dEUS star, we have an appointment with Benoît, communication intern at AB. He had organized a small tour in the backstage. In the meantime I knew that the legendary Great Hall of AB was impressive, but this time I saw it completely empty, could it get even more impressive? Apparently so.


Tom Barman and the other members of dEUS were already busy with the sound check on stage. We were allowed to attend the entire sound check, only us and dEUS. How wonderful is that? I had to capture this moment with various photos. And this was just the beginning ... The dEUS tour manager personally brought us 2 albums of “The Ideal Crash 20th Anniversary Edition”. A real showpiece!

When the sound check was done we were beckoned by the tour manager, another big surprise was waiting for us: A private meeting with the members of dEUS! Tom, Klaas, Alan, Bruno and Stéphane have made time for us to meet and have a chat. A few photos and signatures (of all members!) Later we had an appointment again at the AB restaurant where we had more good things to expect: AB books, concert tickets for the evening itself, drink tokens, ... Everything to enjoy a perfect evening. The concert was incredible!

To get rid of these emotions we were able to spend the night in the Metropole hotel. The best news of all? I was able to enjoy this again the next day with a second concert by dEUS!

A weekend that I and my +1 will never forget. 1000x thanks to Ancienne Belgique for this fantastic organization ... and especially thank you dEUS!”

You can find all the pictures of the concert series here

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