Learn to speak Dutch with the Gelukkig Zijn Sessions

We just launched three new Gelukkig Zijn Sessions. The Gelukkig Zijn Sessions are for learning Dutch in Brussels, while singing to boot!

We have now been organising the Gelukkig Zijn Sessions, together with De Taalunie, since 2015. The objective: to have fun learning Dutch together with others, while singing. We want to welcome people to Brussels, give them the opportunity to become familiar with a (for many) new place and people and pick up a bit of Belgian culture too.

Each session is always tied to a particular theme that has something to do with our customs. That could be the time of year (carnival, spring, Sinterklaas,...) or something cultural (popular children’s music, Dutch-language covers, Clouseau, etc.).

A the start of each session, all participants receive the lyrics. Then a singer and pianist (from Theater van A tot Z) work with the group: a context is created, we take a look at the clip for the song, maybe examine some difficult words, answer questions and sing the lyrics together. We do so with a diverse audience consisting of Dutch classes from night schools, people who have just recently moved to Brussels, refugees, etc.

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