Festive opening of Beurs Station with bicycle parking on 7/2

Over the past year, a great deal of work has been done on the renovation of the pre-metro stop Beurs, right across from AB. Not only did Beurs Station undergo a complete metamorphosis, there were also a number of important spaces added. Aside from QUARTIER, a space of 500 m², exclusively destined for artistic projects, there was also an enormous bicycle parking built. Fantastic news for countless visitors who already arrive by bike to see their favourite artists. Thursday 7 February, everyone can come enjoy concerts, cycling entertainment and much more at the festive inauguration.
The renewed pre-metro station now posesses a big main entrance for travellers and a lift for people with limited mobility and for strollers. Thought has also been given to the saftey and feeling of security of the travellers, by paying attention to cleanliness, camera security, sanitary facilities and sufficient lighting. The existing artworks by Pol Bury and Paul Delvaux that were already present in the station, were renovated and komen nog beter tot hun recht in the renovated station.
The end of these comprehensive works will be extensively celebrated on Thursday 7 February.  AB has the honour of selecting two fanfares to create a great party for young and old. An overview here below:

3:00pm – 4:30pm: Remork & Karkaba:  Steady bigband riffs generously sprinkled on gnawa percussion and dance. This marching band consists of amatures and semi-professional musicians.

4:30pm – 6:00pm: Fanfakids: Percussion band consisting of children who rehearse weekly in Youth House Centrum West (Molenbeek).

What’s more, there will be vouchers distributed with which loyal cyclists can purchase an annual subscription for the bicycle parking at half price.

All info and the latest news are available by following via the facebook event. 

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