Expo Amenra & Church Of Ra: Maarten Kinet & co at AB Club


During the Amenra/Consouling two-dayer @ AB (31/10 & 01/11), former Amenra-bassist and photographer Maarten Kinet immerses us in the intense world of Amenra and the associated Church of Ra collective. He communicates the visual history of our nation’s musical pride by means of black & white photo projection and a number of exclusive prints. Aside from Kinets own photography, there will also be work by Arjen Kunnen, CHVE, Christophe Mencke & Aline Gorsen to be discovered. Together they create an intriguing exhibition that will leave a lasting impression.

The exhibition is free to visit on 01/11 in the AB Club as of 10:00 am! Aside from that, all those who have purchased a ticket for Amenra’s MASS VI release show on 31/10 and the Consouling Sounds night on 01/11 are able to freely visit the exhibition throughout both concert evenings. Feel welcome!

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