Echo Collective, AB’s favorite protégé, plays 3 liveurope venues and Royal Albert Hall, London

The love child of Neil Leiter and Margaret Hermant, Echo Collective, produces music that has often been termed post- or neo-classical. We just think it’s awesome.

Following a first passage at Feeërieën, AB’s free summer festival, in 2015, a concert residency at AB Salon followed soon. AB commissioned Echo Collective to interpret Radiohead’s ‘Amnesiac’ ; an album that spoke to them because of the layers and complexity. They arranged it for string trio, harp, piano, bassoon/contrabassoon, clarinet / bass clarinet / baritone saxophone, and orchestral percussion. Soon after followed their passage at BRDCST 2017, and then again at the Feeërieen. They started recording their album ‘Echo Collective plays ‘Amnesiac’ later that year in AB.

Collaborative work with others has been a very important pillar of the band’s DNA. After shared projects with A Winged Victory for the Sullen, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Dustin O’Halloran, Stars of the Lid and Erasure, Joep Beving, Dutch composer and pianist extraordinaire has announced a collaboration with Echo Collective. The album ‘Henosis’ will be out in April.

Now it seems the time has come for the world to discover their delicious music. Thanks to the Liveurope network, this February, Echo Collective plays 3 venues in Europe. The 14 concert venues within the Liveurope network are engaged in offering opportunities to up-and-coming musical talent within Europe. In this way, bands that already have a fan base in their homeland – but are not yet known outside their national borders – also have the opportunity to gain stage experience elsewhere and win the hearts of a new audience. The band will play consecutively Palac Akropolis (Prague), A38 (Budapest) and Kino Siska (Ljublana), respectively on the 25, 26 and 27th of February.

Aside from this, Echo Collective has the honor to play Royal Albert Hall in April. This historic venue in the heart of Europe has received some of the greatest international artists since the 19th century and this year Echo Collective is ready to make their distinct mark on the concert hall.


Follow Echo Collective’s journey though A38’s Instagram page @a38ship. The band will take over their page on the 25th of February.


All information can be found on the Echo Collective website

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