Consouling Sounds guides you through the intense two-dayer with Amenra, FAR, CHVE …

It now goes without saying that Ghent’s radical Consouling Sounds is one of our favourite underground labels. In the wake of Amenra’s ‘Mass VI’ release, the label will now be dishing you up a series of exciting and obscure talent on  November 1. Mike Keirsbilck of Consouling Sounds dives into the musical abyss with us and guides you through the intense two-dayer. 



FÄR began as a duo, but have now taken on a live drummer. They present a wonderfully contagious mix of dark electronica and ominous noise. In spite of the darkness, the music actually aims at your hips. Definitely worth experiencing their live energy in person.”

Concert op 01.11.2017


IIVII is the “ambient fiction” project of Josh Graham (A Storm of Light, ex-Neurosis, -Battle of Mice, -Red Sparowes). He presents dystopian soundtracks by means of synths and tape loops. Thanks to the series Stranger Things, the genre of music that he presents is more popular than ever. It is no coincidence either that I refer to a TV series: the visual aspect is always very important for Graham. In a way, he makes films for his soundtracks. So you can only comprehend the big picture live, where sound and image combine.”

Concert on 01.11.2017


“Master of Sound Monnik has been catching the limelight for a few years now. The core of his musical practice is guitar drones, but his incessant drive to experiment has entirely expanded the realms of what is possible with drone music. He presents his new album Bedevaart, on which his introspective music has received a wonderful psychedelic injection.”

Concert (AB Foyer) on 31.10.2017

CHVE VS Syndrome

Colin H. Van Eeckhout and Mathieu Vandekerckhove are familiar from Amenra, but they’ve been doing great things solo too. Colin H. Van Eeckhout exorcises inner demons by means of his ethereal vocals and hurdy-gurdy, whereas Mathieu Vandekerkhove weaves minimal soundcarpets – somewhere between drone and postrock – with Syndrome. These are already two incredibly impressive projects in their own right, but when they then meet up on stage it  invariably creates sparks.”

Concert on 01.11.2017


Wiegedood is responsible for an almighty/allencompassing/havoc wreaking steamroller but always with a whole lot of feeling for detail and melody. They constantly reward and punish, thus managing to mesmerize their audience. A Wiegedood show is never just a black metal show, but rather a show that sucks you inside and won’t spit you out until you are gasping for air as the curtain falls. Impressive stuff.”

Concert on 01.11.2017

Tickets for the night curated by Consouling Sounds can be purchased here.

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