Come sing along in Dutch : last 'Gelukkig Zijn' Session!

Want to sing Willy Sommers’ ‘Zeven anjers, zeven rozen’ at the top of your voice or do you prefer ‘Goud’ by Bazart? Learn Dutch while singing or simply shouting along to Flemish classics? Whatever your motive, you are WELCOME to attend our Gelukkig Zijn Sessions.

Yet again in 2017, AB and theatre group Fast Forward have organised a heavily attended Gelukkig Zijn Session each month.

The final session of the season, on June 14, will be the icing on the cake. You have to admit it: who hasn’t at least secretly dreamed of singing in our AB Club? We’ll be rounding up in style with a feast at which our DJ will only spin Dutch language party music. FIESTA, euh we mean: FEEST!

Participation is free of charge, we ask only that you register here.

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