Buy your concert tickets safely via our website

Hooray, your favourite band is coming to AB! Now to score tickets… You can only buy tickets safely via the AB website or via the official website of the artist. We can only guarantee the validity of tickets that have been purchased in this way. Be sure to avoid tickets seen on websites like Bemster or Viagogo, as there is a very big chance that you will pay far too much AND that our scanners won’t accept the tickets.

Are you really desperately searching for a ticket for a sold-out concert or do you have a ticket but can no longer attend the concert? Then you can head to TicketSwap. AB works closely with this ticket exchange platform via an integration in our own ticketing platform, Ticketmatic. If you have an unwanted ticket, then you can offer it for sale for a price no higher than the original ticket price. If you are the one to purchase that unwanted ticket, then you will automatically receive a new ticket in your own name. Easy and safe!

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