Black Flower tips 3 concerts in AB

Black Flower is the remarkably international sounding project of saxophonist/composer/pivotal figure /multi-instrumentalist Nathan Daems. Black Flower will proudly appear in AB, together with the likes of Taxiwars and De Beren Gieren, during mini-festival The New Wave Of Belgian Jazz on December 16. Which other shows Nathan is looking forward to? An overview.


“I still remember when Fulco and Lander told me that they ‘would one day perform as a duo’, but it was intended as a joke at the time. But that’s what you get when two first-class acts like Fulco and Lander make a joke. They just simply turn up a bit later in AB too.”

14/12 in AB, buy your tickets here.


“Their new album sounds great! A wonderful trip. Did you know:  A long time ago, I took a few saxophone lessons from the band leader, Vincent Brijs.”

16/12 in AB, buy your tickets here.


“I saw them at work years ago. It was pretty cool already back then and I reckon they’ve only gotten better since! I saw about half a concert of theirs. It was great but that was years ago. I reckon they can only have improved by now! “

1/03/2018 in AB, buy your tickets here.

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