“Angèle told some of her typical Angèle jokes!"

AB has (almost) no secrets for Vivian (11) and Elena (13) anymore. That their father, Marc De Cock , is a programmer at AB would have a lot to do with this, of course. They’ve been dropping in to our office every now and then for their entire young lives. That’s when they tease us with their mischievous grins and then disappear again to continue their explorations. But what do they actually think of AB? They managed to find a moment in their busy lives to have a chat with us about their AB experience!

AB: What are your thoughts about AB?
Viv: Fun, sometimes less so when dad is working because then we’re a bit bored. But mostly it’s fun, as we often go to good concerts. There’s usually something tasty to eat in the cafeteria.

AB: Have you already been to many concerts?
Viv: About 10, I think.  Angèle and Louane were the coolest.
Elena: Bart Peeters was quite good too.
Viv: Yes, but Angèle was really good, as if she’d already done it a lot, been on stage like that. She didn’t seem shy at all, danced and jumped around all over the place on stage, and made those typical Angèle jokes (laughs).
Elena: Yes, true, the sort of jokes you can always expect from Angèle.

AB: You speak French then?
Viv: Yes, we speak a bit of French. At home we mainly speak Flemish.
Elena: I speak slightly better French than Vivian though, so… .

AB: You’ve been coming to AB for quite a while now, do you still know what your first show was?
: I think that was Ibeyi. Or… no.
Elena: No, I think that we were still babies when we went for the first time.
Marc (from out of his office): Yes, that was when you were babies. Mum was hidden in the control room, on the chair. That’s behind the tribune, with the window and the curtain open a little. Sometimes with one of you breastfeeding, if need be, and that’s when I’d go and get a soft drink.
Viv: For which concert was that then?
Marc: Oh, there were a few of them, things that your mama wanted to see.

AB: Does AB now feel like a second home for you?
: It’s actually a place where we often meet up. After school, for example, or in the weekend, if we’re looking for dad then we often meet here. It’s pretty much a meeting point.

AB: Do you have friends that also come to AB?
: Mainly family – or friends of the family. That was the case with Bart Peeters.
Viv: Most of my friends don’t really have 1 band that they follow. More like various songs from various bands.

AB: What do you like the most about this place?
: The concerts!
Marc (still working): Fish & Chips!
Elena: Yes, its so much nicer here. If you compare it with somewhere like Forest National, for example, that is much bigger but you’re so far removed from the artist that you want to enjoy. That really is a shame.

AB: Have you already met artists?
: Yes! We met Bart Peeters in the backstage.
Elena: Yes, mainly our friends were curious, so we sort of went for them.

AB: And was he cool?
Viv & Elena
: Yes!
Marc: And you’ve met Ibeyi too, hey? There’s a photo of that!
Elena: But it didn’t work out for Angèle. We do have a signed album from her though, with our names on it. That is a great gift too!
Marc: And you’ve also had jealous teachers at school too, haven’t you?
Elena: back with Paul Simon?
Marc: no, Bazart!
Elena; Yes, but we didn’t think that was so interesting actually. I also had a high school English teacher who has also been here too. She said in the class, yes, I’m going to a concert this evening, but I didn’t know the singer. And then my papa said that there was a concert by a female singer, and he said that there were many women with short haircuts – and, yeah, my English teacher has a short haircut, so, yeah.
AB: Now I’m wondering which concert that would have been.
: Yes, me too, actually.
Elena: That song that goes uhu uhu uhu.
AB: Ah, Sara Bettens
: Yes, that’s it.
Elena: Yes, I think so.

AB: What other memorable moments have there been in AB?
: I really like Boterhammen In Het Park too.
Viv: Yes, the food is great there too.
Elena: Yes, but even just the park is great. You can pass by the playground, while you hear the music in the background.
Viv: Yes, we go almost every year. We only miss it if we’re on holiday.

AB: And which concerts do you still have planned?
: We’ll be going to Spinvis with papa soon, that’s a family show. We’re not sure what to expect from that yet. It’s something with dancing.

AB: Ok, then we’ll see you back here on 17/5!

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