About the birds and the bees on the roof of AB

Make no mistake. Seen from the sky, our brand new (green) roof above the Agora looks quite a bit like Kandinsky’s ‘Counterweights’, with its abstract form. Yet this 130 square metre big rook will reveal itself in spring as a new green space, with grass, flowers and (that’s right) bees.

AB has a heart for music and for our planet. Sustainability is a decisive factor in all our decisions. By encouraging environmentally aware choices among our artists, employees, audience, commercial partners & suppliers, we want to reduce our ecological footprint by 5% every two years.

So this green roof will catch a part of our rainwater and prevent it ending up on the drain. The foliage/greenery/beplanting provideds more beautiful suroundings and for more CO2 recuperation/absorbtion/opname. Urban bumblebees, butterflys and bees often have difficulty surviving in the city and green roofs are an ideal source of food for them

Yet another step in the direction of a greener AB!


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