AB is looking for a GENERAL MANAGER (F/M/X)

As a major cultural institution of the Flemish Community, Ancienne Belgique helps to shape cultural life in Flanders and Brussels. We are a bridge between Belgium's different communities and work closely with cultural centres in Belgium and other European countries. AB is a strong brand, both among the general public and within the music sector.    

We play a major role in the capital and lend our full support to young talent. Our commitment to diversity is reflected in our programming, human resources, cooperation and the audience that we reach. We are an ecologically sustainable organisation.

The AB is currently recruiting a new GENERAL MANAGER (F/M/X)

The general manager is committed to ensuring AB's future by pursuing a policy for innovation, effective human resources and sound finances.

As general manager, you will bear ultimate responsibility for every aspect of AB's functioning, from policy implementation to management (programming, finances, marketing, infrastructure, HR). You will report to the Board of Directors, the general meeting and the various subsidizing authorities.  

Your main responsibilities:

·        As general manager, you will inspire the team (around 50 staff and dozens of freelancers and interns) with an organisational policy that is open and transparent. You will act as a sounding board, inspiration and bridge between the different departments. You will help to maintain a warm organisation in which mutual appreciation and a motivating corporate culture are central.

·        You will determine strategy in cooperation with the Board of Directors and translate it throughout the organisation in close cooperation with management and staff. Together with the management team, you will draw up a new policy plan for the period 2021-2026.

·        You will further develop AB's role as a Flemish institution in the Belgian capital. Together with the Board of Directors, you will develop an innovative and clear long-term vision of AB's artistic and social mission underpinned by the support that you generate among internal and external stakeholders.

·        You will be fully committed to the ongoing links with the American Theatre and Liveurope. You will help further develop the AB as one of Europe's best music venues. As general manager, you will be responsible, in cooperation with the Strategic Committee and Board of Directors, for contacts with the authorities and for external and press contacts.

You will satisfy the following criteria:

·        You have extensive experience (minimum 5 years) in a general management position ensuring familiarity with all aspects of the workings of an organisation, including finances and HR.

·        You provide leadership based on vision, trust, communication and energy. You inspire and support the abilities and efforts of your personnel. You delegate effectively and are efficient, decisive and action oriented.

·        You are a committed networker. You have your finger on the pulse of the music scene and know what drives the sector. Ideally, you are familiar with the specific dynamics of the highly diverse urban context of the Belgian capital and the political context of a subsidised non-profit organisation.

·        You are driven by innovation and have the digital world at your fingertips. You can confirm a track record in developing and implementing change processes.

·        Your communication skills place you in a strong position when negotiating and you are at home in a trilingual context (NL, FR, EN).

AB offers:

·        The position of general manager is a mandate function. It is valid for six years and extendable once.

·        The opportunity to join a cutting-edge cultural organisation with an ecological and sustainable approach where you will ensure the highest artistic and technical standards. The mission to further develop the AB's core values, namely: quality, innovation, diversity, sustainability, cooperation and a position of prominence in Flanders and Brussels, in Belgium and Europe.


·        Then please send your CV (1 page) and supporting letter (1 page) by 5 January at the latest to voorzitter@abconcerts.be

The selection procedure is as follows:

·        Selection on the basis of CV and supporting letter

·        Exploratory interview (eliminating)

·        Assessment by an external agency (advisory)

·        Final interview with members of day-to-day management (including management simulation exercise)

·        The chairman and day-to-day management submit a proposal for a decision to the Board of Directors

Other news

We are very worried about the situation and want to do our part in minimizing the outbreak of the virus. All the concerts up to and including the 3rd of May will be suspended and if possible postponed to a new date.