AB In-house Photographer Damon De Backer exhibits in L’Aeronef in Rijsel!

Be sure to put a big circle on your calendar for Friday 27 May, because that’s when our In-house Photographer, Damon De Backer, will be exhibiting some of his work in the fantastic L’Aeronef in Rijsel.

Damon: “AB gives me carte blanche: I choose for myself which concerts I photograph, which portraits I make… It was and is my aim to really get the most out of this opportunity, to “seize it with both hands”. Some of the media have already reported on my passion for my work: Studio Brussel, Knack, De Standaard, Acht. I have also worked with some bands. What was just a dream when I was 16, AB has helped make possible. I hope to work for a newspaper or magazine later and further explore the possibilities of portrait photography. AB has really opened a lot of doors.

The expo of Damon’s work is also the last exhibition of the season for L’Aeronef. You have until the start of July to view the result of the countless nights that Damon spent in AB. Don’t miss it!

You can find all the info about the exhibition here. More of Damon’s work is to be found here.


L’Aeronef is a part of Liveurope, the first pan-European initiative to support concert venues with the promotion of up-and-coming European musical talent.

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