This is what NEON 2017 sounds like


Pounding techno music. A super-tight video & light show. Flawless beats. A dash of experimental electronica. Dirty dancing.

NEON is ready for its third edition and AB &Proximus once again make an unforgettable all-nighter of it. On Friday 22 December, the AB will transform into a sweltering nightclub for its annual electronic high-mass. Charlotte de Witte will play an extended set and Fjaak will finish off the party in the Main Hall. In the AB Club you can let yourself go to a MESH label night with Max Cooper and Rob Clouth.

The event has been hopelessly sold out for weeks now. Those lucky enough to get hold of tickets can start limbering up with our NEON playlist. The not-so-lucky can also pretend they're there too.

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