The Human League Fans: Who are they?

Johnny, 48

"I've been a fan from the age of 11. I had a huge crush on the blonde one,.. what's her name? Every time they played at AB, I was there. Tonight I'm working as a security guard for AB. I think the crowd will be very nice and agreeable. "

Karin, 47 and Jurgen, 51

Jurgen: "I was completely into the New Wave fad, the clothes, the music, everything. Now we are getting a bit older so we can't act too crazy on the clothing thing, but we can  act crazy tonight in the dark hall. "(laughs)

Karin: "We have been married 27 years and it's the first time we are going to a The Human League concert together."

Jurgen: "We really fell in love with AB, good accoustics, no too big,.. We are expecting a lot!"








Philippe, 52

"From the very first start I was taken with the group. The eighties are really my era, I see myself in it. I've been to almost every show they've played in Belgium. I'm looking forward to their early hits and seeing my old friends again."


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