Win a duo-ticket for Mauro Pawlowski & Braaknoot Ensemble

In 2018 Boudewijn De Groot’s album ‘Nacht en Ontij’ (recorded in ’68 and released in early ’69) will be a half century old. ‘Nacht en Ontij’ is De Groot’s fourth album that is still considered to be the mysterious misfit in his oeuvre. The experimental character and the unusual lyrics, combined with the avant-garde recording techniques of inimitable electronica pioneer Dick Raaijmakers and the skillfully arranged melodies, resulted in raised eyebrows from longtime fans. Years later, ‘Nacht en Ontij’ has become a cult album that is cherished by many, but it has still not yet revealed all its secrets.



Mauro Pawlowski established the brand new Braaknoot Ensemble with a number of blood-spitting shamans, to breathe new life into ‘Nacht en Ontij’ again and provide it with an appropriate voodoo ritual. Boudewijn De Groot has given his approval in the meantime. ‘Nos alegramos de tener gente nueva entre nosotros!’ Google translate: glad to have new blood amongst us!

Win a duo-ticket for Mauro Pawlowski & Braaknoot Ensemble on Thursday 19 April in AB. This competition will run until Wednesday 21 March.

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