Win a duo-ticket for Lizz Wright

One of the most alluring jazz-chanson voices in the world. Now with a new CD 'Grace' on Concord/Universal, produced by Americana icon Joe Henry, 'tracked live' as they say, whereby our tireless steward of freedom and change considers 'Grace' to be a cornerstone of our original state of being. More beauty from the woman who filled the Flagey in late 2015, as a part of the Voix de Femmes festival: 'Wright lives life filled with beautiful possibilities centered on the power of song.'

Win a duo-ticket for Lizz Wright on April 16! This competition runs until Wednesday 14 February.

On April 19, Mauro Pawlowski and Braaknoot Ensemble revive the fourth album by Boudewijn De Groot in AB. 


Which album is that?

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