WIN a duo-ticket for Kamasi Washington at Ghent Jazz!

AB celebrated 100 years of jazz this past concert season, with countless jazz concerts under the title Jazz 100 (3 x the word jazz in 1 sentence: AB really LOVES jazz!). Those wanting to continue this festive year during the summer will find just what they’re looking for at Ghent Jazz.

The not-so-jazz fans will also be able to enjoy themselves at the festival, with artists like Archive, Einsturzende Neubauten (Greatest Hits), Pete Doherty, Trixie Whitley and many many more. Check out the entire line-up here!

So that’s why we’re able to give away a duo-ticket for Kamasi Washington at Ghent Jazz (13.07)
You only have to answer the question below.



Which hip-hop phenomenon did Kamasi Washington recently work with?

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