Win a duo-ticket for Fleddypalooza

Win a duo-ticket for Fleddypalooza in AB

Fleddy Melculy gets a few fiendish friends together for a second raucous evening in AB. From old-school hardcore to vicious metal, the very best Belgian hard guitars unite once more to celebrate life and honour Satan. No less than six of our very own bands will strut their stuff at this famous metalfest that was put together by AB and Fleddy himself. Come on down and fraternize with your fellow man during a drink in the mosh pit. 

Fleddy Melculy
Length Of Time
Belgian Asociality
Lost Baron

Win a duo-ticket for Fleddypalooza on January 20 in AB. This competition runs until Wednesday 26 December.


Windhand plays in the AB Club on March 17. Which album of theirs was chosen among the best heavy metal albums of 2013 by Rolling Stone?

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