Together with AB, support De 1000km voor Kom Op Tegen Kanker

Kom Op Tegen Kanker is organising De 1000km voor Kom Op Tegen Kanker for the seventh time in a row. In turn, AB Café is preparing to click the shoes into the pedals for a seventh time too, with fifteen teams for the Ascension Day weekend.

Fifteen motivated teams that will each cover 1000 kilometer. With your help, that is what AB Café is collecting at least 75,000 euro for. We believe we can do it too, as we collected 82,000 euro last year - thanks to our fantastic concertgoers. Loyal cyclists Sioen, Otto-Jan Ham and Jan Paternoster are prepared to support the battle against cancer again. All under the watchful eye of Arno.

How to help?

As of today, when buying concert tickets online, you can contribute an amount of your own choosing that will go entirely to De 1000 km. You can deposit coins and notes in the collection boxes during the concerts in AB, just like during the shows in Huis 23. Per cup that you donate during the concert, ten eurocents will go to this good cause.

Do you have, aside from a warm heart, a hungry stomach? During the concerts of  Black Box Revelation (18/02, 19/02 and 20/02), Jan Delvaux (02/03), The Libertines (04/03 and 05/03), Zornik (06/03), Clouseau (11/03), Bart Peeters (17/03), De Mens (02/04), Hooverphonic (06/04), Humo’s Rock Rally (09/04 and 10/04), Bent Van Looy (14/04), The Sore Losers (15/04), Arno (16/04), we will be selling tasty hotdogs to raise money for the 1000km. You can then wash them down with an excellent Rosé De Vlaeminck that is to be found in the AB Café for 10 euro per bottle. As of Friday 19 February, you can even purchase a dessert – in the form of easter eggs – to support the good cause.

De 1000km voor Kom op tegen Kanker is a campaign organised by not-for-profit organisation Kom Op Tegen Kanker. The goal is still to improve the survival chances and quality of life of cancer patients.

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