Support Straatverplegers vzw and make an end to homelessness in Brussels

There are about 700 people sleeping on the streets in the Brussels Capital Region. Straatverplegers tackles the problem by following up patients from the street to their accommodation, training professional social workers, and by creating means of spreading information. AB is supporting the organisation and collecting money to make an end to the homelessness in Brussels.

Over the past few months, the AB audience has made  masses of voluntary contributions when ordering concert tickets online or placed them straight into the collection boxes on the bars in AB. You donated your cup deposits and purchased Broodjes Plezier during our summer festivals, all to support this good cause. For this, we thank you! We will continue to collect money to support Straatverplegers vzw until the end of October.

Belgian artists also squarely support this good cause and make a warm call for your help and support.

Our Belgian artists support Straatverplegers vzw too and make a warm call for your help and support.

What can you do to support this fantastic organisation?

  • You can contribute an amount of your choosing when purchasing tickets online, this chosen amount goes entirely to Straatverplegers vzw.
  • During concerts you can deposit notes and coins in the collection boxes to be found on the bars in AB Café/Resto and in AB itself.
  • Donate your cup deposit! Per cup that is donated during the concerts, ten cents is donated to the charity.
  • Make a donation  on their website.



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