Sponsor the AB teams for ‘De 1000km voor Kom op tegen Kanker’

Kom op tegen Kanker organises De 1000 km for the ninth year in a row. AB Café is at the start for the ninth year in a row, this year again with no less than 23 teams.
From 10 to 13 May, during the Ascension weekend, hundreds of teams will ride the 1000 km to support the battle against cancer, to show their concern for patients & those around them, and also to do a whole lot of cycling. AB Café is at the start again too, with 23 teams. Amongst other things, the perfect bunch of Belgian artists changes into a cycling outfit with matching helmet to support the battle against cancer. We have to collect 5000 euro per team. Help Jan Hautekiet, Klaas Delrue, Otto Jan Ham, Jan Paternoster, Stef Kamil and Zwangere Guy over the line.

For the previous edition we raised the unbelievable amount of €121 872!
Let’s all attempt to exceed that amount this year! 

How can you help?

° Buy a bottle of wine in the AB Café. We have three sorts of 1000 km wine available, no less: Chardonnay Oh La La La Chenin, white wine, Rosé De Vlaeminck, a fresh rosé and Pinot Noir Oh La La La Negrette, a red wine. A bottle costs only €10, of which €5 goes entirely to the campaign.  Admit it, it’s a tasty way to do a good deed!

° Come eat a hotdog during selected concerts, like Hamza this Saturday, 24/02. Our hotdogs cost €3 and are also available in a delicious vegetarian variant.

° Buy a jar of homemade AB Honey. Our 80,000 bees have worked hard again and the new harvest has arrived! Not only do our bees contribute to the urban biodiversity in Brussels, we are also left with 30 kg of delicious honey.
Because we don’t want to keep the hard work of our bees to ourselves, we are selling the jars for €10 at the reception and in the AB Café. 

° Deposit your empty cup or a donation in the urns on the AB bars. For every collected cup, €0,10 goes to Kom Op Tegen Kanker. 

° Make a contribution of your own choosing when ordering a ticket via the website.

° Depositing an amount online via this page or via bank transfer to the account of Kom op tegen Kanker: BE14 7331 9999 9983 of 733-1999999-83 with the message ‘GIFT’ and the code of our team: 170 003 485.

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