AB supports Greenpeace campaign for healthy air in Brussels

Just like most Belgian cities, Brussels strains under the weight of air pollution too. The many diesel vehicles in our city, where the car is still king, are one of the main causes of that pollution.  The soiled air that we breathe costs everyone an average of 9 months from their life expectancy.  Children and the elderly are the most vulnerable.

AB has been supporting alternative methods of transport to AB for years now, on foot, by bike or on public transport.  Every entry ticket to AB is also a ticket for the MIVB network in Brussels and, since last year, we offer (in collaboration with the NMBS) a discounted train ticket for our concertgoers. You pay only €9 for a return ticket.

But urgent measures are needed in order to make our cities habitable again in the long term, measures that will eventually ban fossil fueled vehicles from our city . The government must urgently make efforts to create even more space for cyclists and pedestrians and public transport in our city. In Brussels, only 7% of movements take place by bike. Much of that has to do with the lack of safe cycling infrastructure.

This is why AB supports the Greenpeace campaign for healthy air in Brussels.  You can do the same via this link.  

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