Our philosophy

Our philosophy

In 2002, AB was the first concert venue to introduce the system of reusable cups. We haven’t stopped developing in terms of sustainable enterprise since then and AB became the first cultural organisation to explicitly take the environment into account in its daily management.

Every year we attempt an incremental improvement in terms of all environmental criteria. For these efforts, in 2014, AB was the first cultural organisation within the Brussels Capital Region to be awarded the Eco-dynamic Enterprise Label with (the maximum of) 3 stars.

Environmental considerations form an essential part of all the decisions we make, in every aspect of our operations. We also extend this vision into our hospitality activities, of course. In AB Café & Resto he have made the change to more regional and seasonal products of organic origin from a healthy soil. What was originally Donderdag Veggiedag (the equivalent of “Meat-free Monday”) has evolved into a permanent wide variety of vegetarian dishes and the definite scrapping of red meat and tuna from the menu.

In this way, AB wants to further raise awareness and stimulate environmentally conscious & alternative choices among our employees, the public, the artists and our partners. We hope to play a modest role in realising a very necessary shift in mentality that must help to slow down a disastrous climate change.

Amongst other suppliers, for AB Café & Resto we work with: De Groentelaar, Melkerhei, Noordzee, Champigros,...