Feeërieën 2019

August 26-30

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Feeërieën 2019: Welcome in our musical outdoor wünderkammer

Welcome to the now 16th edition of our magical annual outdoor festival: the Feeërieën! We rather proudly open our musical wünderkammer again this year and it buzzes, surprises, moves, connects and amazes. At what other festival would you find, all in one go: hyperkinetic footwork from Chicago, uplifting disco-funk from Somalia, Turkish psychedelica, a stunning soprano voice, an Ethiopian harpist who plays the ‘King David’s Harp’, a male choir that summons the vibe of Kurt Weill, and a dash of vivid Afro-American poetry? Indeed!

The Feeërieën also likes to share its open view of the world. And you can take that quite literally, as we welcome acts from not only the Angelo-Saxon world but also artists from the Middle East (Egypt and Lebanon) and from Africa (Somalia and Ethiopia). So, under the banner of Somali Night Fever, we take you along on a time warp to the Somalian capital Mogadishu of the ’70s-’80s that includes a leading role for the disco- and funk-impregnated Dur Dur Band. This band fled the country in the early ‘90s when a civil war erupted, but was recently re-established in London.

Noteworthy: Feeërieën presents many Belgian premières this year. Nérija will play in Belgium for the first time. This monster jazz band from London contains members of KOKOROKO, Maisha, SEED Ensemble and Nubya Garcia! Their debut was released this year on Domino Recording, there where good folks like Arctic Monkeys and Jon Hopkins reside. Turkish Berlin-resident Derya Yildirim can draw from brand new work, namely the just recently released debut ‘Kar Yağar’ (read: ‘The Snow Falls). With her backing band Grup Şimşek, she serves up deliciously hypnotic Anatolian psych-pop. Afro-American activist Tenesha The Wordmsith (who we know from her work with Khalab, the man who delivered the masterpiece ‘Black Noise 2084’ last year) presents her fascinating debut ‘Peacocks and Other Savage Beasts’.

If it doesn’t already exist then you have to create it... and so this year AB presents two ‘commissioned pieces’.

We were very impressed earlier this year by the soprano voice of Astrid Stockman and her collaboration with Innerwoud. Their epic composition ‘Elegy IV’ even reminded us of the stunning ‘Distant Sky’ from Nick Cave’s ‘Skeleton Tree’. We immediately asked them to expand upon this collaboration and keep working together. With Cairo-born musician/composer Maurice Louca, a key figure in the Egyptian experimental music scene, we go a step further. Louca will reside in AB for a few days for the recording of a brand new album, one on which he enters into alliance with the group A Trio from Lebanon. Basically: one of the ‘oldest’ improv ensembles of the Arabic world. A project that will also be seen in the prestigious ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) in London.

And lastly – together with Kode9, Scratcha DVA & Lady Lykez and DJ Taye – may we also be proud to celebrate the 15th birthday of the classy electronica/dance label Hyperdub (that gifted the world Burial)?

As Funkadelic once preached: ‘Free Your Mind.. and Your Ass Will Follow!’.

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