Feeërieën 2018

27 – 31 AUGUST 2018

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Why complain about the state of contemporary pop music? Those who go looking, and dig around, in the margin will see that there is actually quite a lot going on. In the broadest sense. Every year, the Feeërieën attempts to reveal a piece of that (untamed) beauty. Deliberately presenting lesser known acts and sorting them neatly into particular themes. Because discovering music is what really ensures an experience, more than the decor does. The natural beauty of the Warande Park is unmistakably a 100% part of Feeërieën though too, of course. Experience²!

So J A Z Z is going through a thorough and refreshing remake that absorbs the musical climate and attracts new audiences. The effervescent London jazz scene (with the likes of Shabaka Hutchings, Moses Boyd, Ezra Collective ...) is a perfect example of that, just like flagbearer Kamasi Washington is on the other side of the ocean. So, there will be a jazz evening during the Feeërieën this year too. With Kamaal Williams (see too: Henry Wu, Yussef Kamaal ...), who reflects the urban heartbeat of London, and the GoGo Penguin associated Mammal Hands. No jazz by the book, but rather music that intentionally colours outside the lines.

In contemporary E L E C T R O N I C A it is the ladies who have been increasingly leaving their mark and we can only encourage that. Think: Carla dal Forno, Moor Mother, Holly Herndon or, say, footwork-queen Jlin. So, the Feeërieën is proud to invite Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, who has one of the best electronica albums of the past year to her name: ‘The Kid’. London/Nigerian artist Klein – associated with the Hyperdub label (think: Burial, Fatima Al Qadiri of Dean Blunt) – has made quite an impression too, with her ‘grainy pop collages’.

The Feeërieën has been focusing more and more on G L O B A L  S O U N D S, for a few years now. Think: the Toeareg blues of Mdou Moctar, the Turkish beauty of Derya Yildirim or the Portuguese kuduro of Batida. The goading afrobeat/highlife set of legendary Nigerian saxophonist Orlando Julius is sure to be an uncontested and absolute highlight of the Feeërieën. Diron Animal – mainly known as the flamboyant frontman of the Angolan-Portuguese band Throes + The Shine – throws a ton of explosive kuduro on top of that.

If we don’t find what we’re looking for amongst what’s offered on the world market, then we at AB set up our own unique projects. So, AB brought together the eight-member chambre ensemble The Colorist and Iceland’s Emiliana Torrini. That even resulted in an internationally renowned album. Or, remember the commissioned work that AB assigned the wonderful trio The Golden Glows. The given task? To, as personally and as purely possible, interpret songs from Harry Smith’s ‘The Anthology Of American Folk Music’ (the bible of American folk, to which Bill Callahan and Nick Cave are indebted). The opening evening is also a presentation of two U N I Q U E  A B  P R O D U C T I O N S.

The final evening is traditionally dedicated to C U T T I N G  E D G E  D A N C E. So we have invited, for the second year in a row, the Portuguese label Príncipe. Basically: quick-tempered global sounds electronica from the ghettos of Lisbon. Following on from the visits of Nidia Minaj, DJ Marfox and DJ Nigga Fox, it is now time to invite the latest generation of Príncipe newcomers, namely DJ Firmeza, DJ Nervoso and DJ Lycox.

You’ve already figured it out: the Feeërieën is sounding particularly worldly and boundless this year. Musical transgressions as we like to hear them. Be welcome. You won’t regret it.

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