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Coca-Cola Sessions

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Coca-Cola Sessions? Our refreshing structural partner mentioned in the name has arranged 9 extra Club concerts from the '09-'10 season on to support young national and international talent, and before an attractive, young crowd. We wrote in the first press release: ‘Will we discover the artist today who, in a few years, will bring Herman Schueremans’ garden party to a close’?

Then don't miss any of the Coca Cola Sessions in the ABClub and relive your night out afterwards, thanks to an ABSession on our website.


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Coca-Cola Sessions news

Fresh Talent At AB: Bulldozer and The Machine Guns!

Coca-Cola Session Bulldozer and The Machine Guns

New talent in 60 seconds: Coca-Cola Sessions Sam Renascent

The memorable Sam Renascent Coca-Cola Session looked like this.

New talent in 40 seconds: Coca-Cola sessions Amery

This was Amery’s swinging Coca-Cola Session.

Win a duo-ticket for Coca-Cola Sessions: dirk. + Fornet on February 22

Brace yourself for a night full of vicious slacker-rock and contrary post-punk.

FRESH TALENT IN 30 SECONDS: Mountain Bike & Mind Rays at AB! Read


Our concerts usually finish at 10:30 pm: that way you can still catch the last train home!

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