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Carpenter Brut + Meteor Musik + Aiming For Enrike

Carpenter Brut + Meteor Musik + Aiming For Enrike

Liveurope marks Europe Day with impressive instrumental & danceable force!

  • Concert
  • Location:
    AB Club
  • 11 May 2017
  • 19:00 deuren - DJ Freddy Merckx
    20:05 Aiming For Enrike
    21:05 Meteor Musik
    22:15 Carpenter Brut

  • Organisation:
  • Genre:
    Dance, Rock, Electronica
  • Series:


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  • bart-vanraes

    Muzikaal en qua geluid perfect, maar door de chaotische verloop van de avond ben ik 3,5 nummer voor het einde moeten vertrekken om mijn trein te halen. Zorg aub in de toekomst dat de bands vroeger beginnen zodat wanneer er iets misloopt, de mensen die hun trein moeten halen niet heel de tijd op hun klok moeten zien. Die speeches konden ook na de headliner om tijd uit te sparen.

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Liveurope marks Europe Day with impressive instrumental & danceable force!

AB is proud to present the third edition of its “Europe Day” event, its annual celebration European talent, on May 11 2017.
This event is the opportunity to bring the public together around the values of exchange and diversity, and to celebrate Europe in music. Just like the previous years, the event is organised by Liveurope, the first European platform of live music venues supporting emerging talent across borders.
Before the shows,  various high-profile European speakers will share their idea of Europe with the audience. The public will have the chance to hear positive messages conveyed by political figures, journalists and civil society activists fighting for a positive vision of Europe.

Brutal, messed up synthwave interwoven with fragments of goading metal & electro. Carpenter Brut (yup, the name refers to the legendary horror-film director  John Carpenter – The Fog, The Thing, Christine) is the alter-ego of mysterious Frenchman Franck Hueso, who (just like companion & compatriot Perturbator & Kavinsky) is a mad fan of 80’s B-films & analogue synths. Live, they’re the most impressive thing we’ve seen in years, including imposing drummer, guitarist and flipped-out fragments of old school cult & horror films!


Three Belgian astronauts take you along on a wild trip through outer space to the analogue synth paradise! The trio behind Meteor Musik (Micha Volders – Tim Geelen – Joeri Wijnants) refined the jam sessions they’d recorded on old cassettes and came up with eleven tracks for debut ‘Asteriu’. Wonderful analogue pre-Kraftwerkian techno & electro with a hypnotic visual spectacle live, from the hyper-talented Jaak DeDigitale, to top it all off.


Explosive, genius virtuoso duo from Oslo that manages to create an extremely exciting, eccentric universe by means of one drum, a number of interconnected guitar amps and a series of loop & effect pedals. A universe filled with jazz, noise, postpunk & funk. Adventurous, energetic, danceable and innovative… Right through the wall of sound!


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This was Europe Day 2017! By Leen Van Severen on

This was Europe Day 2017!

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