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26 & 27 february, 10th en final edition, 10 hot acts for 17 euros

Celebration of 10 years of AB BOTA: buy 5 combi-tickets + 5 combi-tickets free

ABBota is the annual collaboration between the AB and the Botanique. A relevant selection of pop and rock. In the centre of Brussels. Downtown & haute ville right across the language border. And across two days: Friday 26 February in AB and Saturday 27 February 2016 in Bota.

In order to celebrate the tenth and final edition of AB BOTA in a fitting fashion, AB and Botanique launch a giant super-saving ticket promotion. Buy five combi-tickets and you get five combi-tickets for free! Ten hot acts, including Steak Number Eight, Great Mountain Fire, Le Colisee and Blackie & the Oohoos, so now even more super.

Prices for single tickets and more info about AB BOTA can be found here.

Day ticket: €12 - €13 at the counter
Combiticket: €17 - €18 at the counter

ABBOTA is the annual collaboration between the AB and the Botanique. A relevant selection of pop and rock. In the centre of Brussels. Downtown & haute ville right across the language border. And across two days: Friday 26 February in AB and Saturday 27 February 2016 in Bota.

Complete programme:

ABBOTA 2016 @ AB

ABCLUB: BEFFROI 19u00>19u35
ABBOX: NIGHTMAN 19u40>20u25
ABCLUB: LE COLISEE 20u30>21u15


Programme @ AB friday 26 february

The first chords resound. Gloomy and depressed.The melodies crawl laboriously out of the womb, wave with melancholy, cross the dance floor, pierce and penetrate the conscience. The voice is captivating. The synths are powerful and the beats bounce against the walls, take a left, then right again, find their way through the crowd, make glasses rattle, pass the walls unnoticed, fortify themselves, slalom through the mass of people, intensify and electrify the audience.There are two of them.When you listen closely, you can hear the violence that lurks in them.But violence can be beautiful when it is narrated and harmonized.

Tijs Delbeke, known to you from Sir Yes Sir, dEUS, Roosbeef, Dez Mona… Under his alter-ego NIGHTMAN, he revives the raw, unpolished sound of the 90’s in Chapters. His first solo album sounds like a sultry trip through the night as it sings the praises of a Nightman’s life in 13 parts. Even though he can be heard playing pretty much every instrument on the album, live, Nightman will surround himself with a set of top musicians, who also provide the intimate songs with the necessary power. Chapters, an album that will be released upon the world bit by bit, as of September. The physical album will be in stores as of February 2016, via Sony.

With his hands, voice and a loop station as his only weapons, he removes every sense and even boundaries and styles: he plays around with the languages, combines crepuscular folk with afrobeat, and invites Elliott Smith and David Byrne to join him for a dancing tea in the far corner of his secret garden. A lively and very intimate pop is the result, which is magnified live. In his live performances, he accumulates all the layers of his pieces precisely while recording in real time.

We’ve got the magic,” sing brussels quintet Great Mountain Fire on the lead single of their new album "Sundogs". We might guess they found it during their yearlong residency at the "Amerikaans Theatre", an old radio building located on the site of the 1958 Brussels World Fair. Produced, recorded and arranged by the band, the mixes of their new songs retain the almost symbiotic interplay between the musicians while showing a major expansion of their sound. Building bridges between Todd Rundgren’s free-wheeling innovations and Os Mutantes’ tropical kicks, Geoff Emerick’s studio experimentations and Remain in Light-era Talking Heads’ tribal science, Great Mountain Fire shape their songs with light, subtle touches to create an impressionistic psychedelia that will make the brain dance and the legs think.

The finishing touches are currently being applied to the new BLACKIE & THE OOHOOS album that will be released in January 2016 on Unday Records. Their long-awaited 3rd ‘full length’ was entirely self-recorded and self-produced. The final mix was done by none less than Dijf Sanders (Teddiedrum, Violent Husbands, etc). Live, the enthusiastic sisters are in all sorts of good company with a Flying Horseman-section!

Programma @ BOTA saturday 27 february

We got to know them at Deep In The Woods (that’s right!) or in inner city Brussels (another such jungle …) And in Charleroi they found accommodation at Rockerill Records, with recordings that should be released around the time of their ABBota date. Also a favourite support act in AB, and then we read: ‘Het duo van LA JUNGLE trekt voluit de kaart van krautrock en post-punk. Of hoe ze het zelf eenvoudig verwoorden: “La Jungle is een duo met zes snaren en vier trommels”. Fans of La Can, La Swans, or La Sonic Youth, you have hereby been warned. Check out their music here:


JACLE BOW is robust, rocking local talent. Single ‘Suit Yourself’ nestles contagiously in diverse radios and ears, they bravely toured The States by car on their own, recently signed a record deal with Warner and are AB Artist In Residence season '15-'16.

The young quartet from Namur has just released an EP full of sunny surf-pop. The band, centered around the couple Sarah Riguelle (vocals) and César Laloux (BRNS), keeps coming up with colourful videos overflowing with humour, as we could already see from their beautiful DIY-productions of the first two singles "Me On A Train" and "Human Being".

Kosmokoma has arrived: the new CD from this cracking West Flemish 'sludge-destruction'. That is according to MDB@AB, after their sold-out ABBox in December 2015. Then he quotes De Standaard and Humo: ' Did a pig get its throat slit there somewhere, with a piece of barbed wire? Or was that just Brent Vanneste greeting the audience? Was that trash-metal getting put into the garbage or was that the soundcheck? A catchy rock band with a perfect control of her own sound.' (Humo, Leffinge Leuren ’13). Their burly sound sails between sluggish sludgecore and pretty rocking metal. The full Wablief tent shook, not only to its foundations, it also regularly morphed into a seething moshpit, prior to the confetti cannons erupting and the firework bursting loose. You read that right: firework! (De Standaard, Pukkelpop ’13)

Already in the business for nearly 20 years, DJ and producer Mugwump has become an important figure in the Belgian electro scene.During his carreer, he was immersed in various households, all equally prestigious (Kompakt, R&S, Cocoon), and can show off with several collaborations with artists from very different worlds, such as Jeremy Shaw, Raphael Lee (aka Spookhuisje), Luke Jenner (The Rapture) and even our (inter)national Sami "DJ Morpheus" Birnbach.
With a curriculum that attractive, it became about time that Mugwump released his first album. "Unspell" promises to be a space odyssey into trans-genre dance music, where eclecticism is the key word. With influences from leftfield dance-pop, mutant disco and new beat, it is best to prepare yourself for a timeless experience.





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Belle programmation. Beffroi, belle découverte. Le Colisée, je suis toujours fan. Great Mountain Fire au top. Le bémol de la soirée : pas de communication à propos du changement de salles entre chaque concert... j'ai perdu 30 minutes de show, vraiment décevant... Pas de steward ou hotesse pour informer le public à l'AB ? Vraiment dommage pour une 1ère/dernière ABBOTA, me sens un peu lésé même si musicalement c'était top... J'espère que ce sera mieux communiqué la prochaine formule de l'ABBOTA...
Beffroi et Le Colisée, dans la petite salle, c'était super !
Très déçus de la programmation…
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ABBota 2016 is coming.

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