Good Causes

Ancienne Belgique contributes to good causes all through the year, supporting more and lesser well-known initiatives.

The 1000km for Kom Op Tegen Kanker

This year AB Café will be taking part with no less than twenty teams. Last year, thanks to your support, we collected 78,937 euro to support Kom Op Tegen Kanker. Let’s try and match that this year!

Who’ll be getting on their bike for The 1000km for Kom Op Tegen Kanker?
Aside from quite a few AB employees and the resto & bar bosses themselves (Bruno Van Daele & Eric Meersmans)… amongst many others, the following well-known folks will also be riding: Sven Gatz – Otto Jan Ham – Monsieur Paul – Stef Kamiel Carlens – Klaas Delrue – Jan Hautekiet – Bram Vandendriessche. 

How can you show your support?


-    Drinking wine! Or giving wine as a gift! 
o    Chateau Oh La La La: a Portuguese red wine. 
o    Rosé de Vlaeminck: a rosé wine. 
For each bottle sold, 5 euro goes to Kom Op Tegen Kanker. Bottles are available in AB Café

-    Drinking beer
For every botttle of AB beer ABEEER sold, 1.50 euro goes to Kom Op Tegen Kanker

-    Eating sweets! Or giving sweets as a gift!
The delicious AB Pralines are for sale in approximately 300 gram boxes. You pay 10 euro for them. The money raised from the first 250 boxes sold goes entirely to Kom Op Tegen Kanker. With thanks to chocolatier Valentino.

-    Making a contribution of your choosing during the purchase of a concert ticket

-    Large and small amounts dropped into the collection tins at the bars in AB.

-    Donating your cup deposit (0.10 euro)

The 1000km for Kom op tegen Kanker is a campaign by vzw Kom Op Tegen Kanker. The intention is, as always, to improve the survival chances and quality of life of cancer patients. 

AB supported Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen by collecting money for the rights and reception of fleeing people.

We enthusiastically announced in June 2016 that we would be collecting money for Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen by way of various campaigns. This organization works for the rights and reception of refugees.

In the past months we have gotten to know the team from Vluchtelingenwerk better and have been impressed by their motivation and work ethic. At the start of October they organised the exceptionally successful Refugee Walk and during our summer festivals Boterhammen In Het Park & Feeërieën they were there every day with a smile, ready to inform people about their mission.

Today we are able to announce that – thanks to your freely chosen contributions when ordering tickets, your cup deposits and your donations in the collection tins in AB – over the past few months we have been able to raise the amount of 19.003,63 euro. Charlotte Vandycke, Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen: "We are thrilled with the amount raised. Every euro is essential to our work, but that's not the only thing that makes us happy. The large number of people willing to make a contribution proves that a lot of us want to ensure that all refugees receive a welcome fit for human beings."

An unbelievably heartfelt thank you is certainly appropriate here. Thank you so much for helping to make this such a successful campaign!

More info about the organisation can be found on their website.

For more initiatives in support of the good cause, take a look here.