Studio equipment

Mixing Console

Euphonix CS3000 104 channel analog console with recall and surround. Featuring 40 ES108 analog compressor/gates and The Cube multichannel matrix.


Multitrack recorders

Digidesign ProTools HD-X 24 bit / 192K Hard Disk Recorder
Five HD192 A/D/A convertors with Sync i/o – 56 analog in/out

Clock     Rosendahl Nanoclocks
Plug-in's and software   Waves Platinum HD Bundle, Massive Pack 3
Backup recording system      Nuendo Live with 48 RME Octamic II preamps


Main Surround Genelec 1038B (5)
Nearfield Genelec 1031a (2)
Yamaha NS-10M studio
Fostex 6301BX
Martinsound MultiMax Surround Monitor Controller
Aviom Studio personal musician monitoring


TC Electronic System 6000 multichannel Mastering and Reverb
TC Electronic M5000 reverb
TC Electronic 2290 delay (2)
Eventide DSP4000 Ultra Harmonizer
Lexicon PCM81 multi-effects
Lexicon PCM60 Reverb
Yamaha SPX1000 multi effects (2)
Roland SRE-555 Tape Chorus Echo
Roland SDD - 320 Dimension D

EQ + Dynamic processors

Avalon 737SP valve preamp-compressor-equaliserAvalon
Focusrite ISA430 Producer  Pack preamp – compressor – EQ
Empirical Labs Distressor compressor
TLA EQ1 dual valve equaliser (2)
Drawmer MX50 Dual De-Esser
Drawmer DS201 Dual Gate
BSS DPR901 II Dynamic Equaliser
Waves L2 Ultramaximizer


Microphones (other than Main Hall or Club microphones)

Neumann U87i(2), KM184 (6)
AKG C414 (2)
Sennheiser MKH60 (4), MD421 (3), e906(2), e604 (3)
Shure BETA57A (4),BETA58A (5), BETA52A (2), BETA91, SM57 (3)
Crown PZM (2) boundary microphones
Beyerdynamic M88
ElectroVoice RE20 (2)
SE Electronics Gemini Tube Condenser, SE3 (2)
BSS DI  AR133 (6)