AB offers a wide range of facilities. Most of which we are able to provide internally. The Main Hall possesses a high-quality sound and light system and there are facilities for studio-, TV- and radio-recordings. The catering is of a superior standard and there are handy parking options.

Internal services   

These services are always provided by AB itself.

  • Sound and Light systems

AB organises both the own systems as well as possible extra material that is hired.

  • Ticket Service

Tickets can be distributed right away, via the AB website and, if desired, Fnac.

  • Backstage Catering & Loges

AB provides the complete reception of your artists, with a well-equipped backstage, loges and a refined catering.

  • Material Fire

AB is able to organise the rental of material required for your event (decoration, infrastructure …).


AB possesses a highly equipped kitchen, a motivated kitchen team, and the spaces to fulfil all your wishes: receptions, walking dinners or a gala dinner, oriental buffet, a typical Brussels meal, you name it!

A few examples:

Main Hall: dinner (max. 300 people seated) or large walking dinner (max. 600 people) 
Agora: reception or walking dinner (max. 300 people)
Café-Restaurant: business lunch

Would you like to know more about the catering or the AB café/Restaurant, then get in touch with Bruno Van Daele .

e-mail: bvd@abconcerts.be
tel: +32 (0)2 548 24 50

External services

AB works together with a number of respected firms in order to offer you services we do not have in-house: parking service, shuttle services, furniture, decor/set pieces, an extensive range of video- and data-projections, all sorts of multi-media applications, simultaneous translation ...

  • Stagehands/Roadies

AB calls upon Active Brussels for stagehands. They assist you in the building and dismantling of your event.

  • Stewards/Security

Stewards For Events (SFE) / Event Security (ES) are responsible for reception, safety, and (if applicable) ticket checks.

  • Cleaning

Is provided by Deep Clean and AB. Before and after every event, they clean the hired spaces and thus guarantee you a neat hall.

  • Parking

AB does not have its own visitor parking. A reserved parking place – possibly accessible by a shuttle service – or parking cheques for a parking garage nearby, are a couple of the options.