Come to the AB in comfort, without worrying about a place to park. 

With every ticket purchased for a concert, you will find an Event Pass that gives you the right to travel for free on tram, bus and metro on the day of the concert. So leave your car, free-of-charge, at one of the transit parking sites around Brussels  and thus avoid the exhausting search for a parking spot or the high parking costs in the centre of Brussels.

Mobility Contribution

AB maintains an active ecological policy and for that reason we also encourage the use of public transport. That's why, for years now, most concerts in the AB end at 10:30 pm, at the latest, so that it's easily possible to get home everywhere in the Brussels region. That's possible thanks to the MIVB's evening busses that run until just after midnight and, on Friday and Saturday , thanks to the MIVB's Noctis-network that runs until 2:30 am.

In order to make the collaboration between AB and MIVB possible, AB charges a 1 Euro per ticket mobility contribution. In comparison: a return journey ticket costs 3.50 Euro these days. A parking place in the centre of Brussels is often even more expensive. 

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