• 35 jaar/ans Ancienne Belgique Concert season 2014-2015

    We celebrate this anniversary out of gratitude for the past decades in which AB grew from an overgrown youth club into one of the leading concert halls in the world. But an anniversary is, above all, a good moment to look to the future and to highlight the guiding principles of how AB works.

  • ABClubcircuit 2014-2015

    AB will be slipping between the sheets with the ClubCircuit this coming party season, for a very exciting concert series.

  • Huis 23 Continuous

    AB has a living room! It goes through life known as ‘Huis 23’. The number 23 refers to the location, at 23 Steenstraat, where the old ticket shop was located above the AB Café. So? Huis 23 has become a cosy place where we can receive guests in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Rewind Since 2007

    In ‘07, AB enthusiastically launched a timeless series... :  << REWIND. Central to this series are Belgian musicians who perform ‘their classic’ in its entirety. Simply call it a milestone in their career or go a little further: a key record for Belgian pop music.

  • Artist In Residence Since 2007

    For artists who have won the AB's heart, but still haven't found a trusty homebase (be it management, record label or booking agent), there's the warm embrace of the AB with its ARTIST IN RESIDENCE programme.